As an experienced business coach based in St. Matthews, I specialize in helping tech companies build scalable processes, refine leadership skills, and boost overall performance. Many firms have questions about how coaching works and if it’s a worthwhile investment. Here I answer some frequently asked questions:

How is business coaching different than consulting?

Consultants provide expert recommendations, while coaches develop the client’s own capabilities through inquiry and accountability. I don’t prescribe solutions. Rather, I work with tech leaders to uncover obstacles, brainstorm strategies, and commit to action plans. Lasting improvement comes through developing knowledge from within.

What results can I expect from coaching?

Typical outcomes include improved strategic planning, highly engaged teams, better productivity habits, new leadership skills, tighter sales processes, optimized marketing ROI and more. In essence, I help tech firms identify and capitalize on opportunities for meaningful business growth and operational excellence. Leaders gain the insight and capabilities to drive ongoing progress.

What does the coaching process look like?

We begin with assessments to deepen insights into your organization and leadership style, along with an in-depth discussion of your goals. From there, we create a customized 3-6 month coaching curriculum targeting priority topics through a blend of 1-on-1 sessions, interactive workshops, assessments, and implementation support. Coaching continues until desired outcomes are sustainably achieved.

How much time does coaching take?

In addition to monthly 1-on-1 meetings, expect 3-5 hours per week dedicated to coaching. This includes preparatory and wrap-up work, skill-building exercises, workshop attendance, and goal tracking. The time investment lessens once new skills and processes take root. You gain time efficiencies that far outweigh the time spent in coaching.

What is expected of me in the coaching engagement?

You must be open to critical feedback, dedicated to growth, and ready to step outside your comfort zone. Progress requires a willingness to challenge long-held assumptions and change habits. Between sessions, you will apply teachings through action steps aligned to goals. Commitment to improvement is vital.

How can I determine if a coach is qualified?

Look for an ICF credential, which denotes extensive training and expertise. Also seek referrals and reviews. Interview potential coaches to assess their experience working specifically with tech firms. Chemistry is also important—you want a coach invested in you and your business’ success. A free introductory consultation can determine if the fit feels right. 

Does coaching provide a good ROI?

Coaching delivers a profoundly positive ROI. By maximizing your strengths as a leader and optimizing organizational performance, coaching unlocks exponential returns far beyond the investment. Even small improvements in strategy, culture and execution compound over time into big bottom line wins. And the capabilities gained will serve you for years to come.

Ready to elevate your tech business through personalized coaching? My name is John Jennings and I offer a free consultation to explore your goals and determine if my expertise as a coach can benefit your leadership and company. Together, we can build the knowledge base and master the strategies that enable your business to thrive.