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My coaching services are centered around business owners and leaders that want to increase their business and leadership capacity. I am looking for those who are growing and want to take their business, life or career to the next level!



Exit Planning

About John Jennings

Business and leadership Coach

John Jennings has a passion for helping entrepreneurs, business owners and executives unlock their full potential and experience the joy and personal fulfillment of leading exceptional organizations. He has a track record of driving positive change in both large and small organizations. He is seen as a “turn-around guy”, who credits his success to a strategic mindset and a positive attitude.

How Do I Know If I Need a  Coach?

What is Business or Executive Coaching?

Business Coaching puts a heavy emphasis on the overall operation of the organization and how effectively it’s working. Our focus is on growing your business. While Executive or Leadership Coaching provides a structured development approach to increase leadership capacity by improving performance, communication, and overall skills.

How Do I Know if Coaching Is Right for Me?

Do you want to grow your organization or leadership capacity? Do you feel like you are “spinning your wheels”? Are you open to an honest and open dialog with a neutral third party? If you answer “yes” to these, then it is likely a fit for you.

Do You Offer Ongoing Coaching Services?

Yes! Most of my clients work with me on a monthly retainer. No, long-term contract is required.  Many coaches require a six or 12 month payment up-front. I earn my fees with you every month. Most of my clients work with me for over 12 months.

Do You Only Work With Established Companies?

For the most part, yes. But I do offer some services to startups, and often can connect them with the resources they need.

What guarantees do you offer?

Here’s my promise to you. If you put in the work, I guarantee that it will pay dividends. We will agree upon what the expectations are, and re-evaluate as we go along. But, at any time, if you feel that it is not working, we can stop and I’ll refund the last month’s fee as a way of demonstrating my belief in what we do.

Strategic Planning

I frequently help companies develop strategic plans that align to their core mission and values while positioning them for growth. I collaborate with organizations to conduct assessments, set objectives, identify opportunities and craft detailed strategies that differentiate them in competitive markets. A thoughtfully constructed strategic plan provides a roadmap to reach your potential. Read More …

Sales Training

I work with business owners to level up their sales processes and close more deals. From refining sales messaging to implementing CRM systems to developing team members’ consultative selling skills, I identify ways to tighten the sales pipeline. I partner with clients to convert more prospects into long-term customers. Read More …

Business Growth

Driving business growth takes strategic planning, innovation and flawless execution. I have an in-depth understanding of the key levers that stimulate growth and how to activate them. I collaborate with clients to set aggressive growth goals, penetrate new markets, optimize operations, track KPIs and leverage technologies to scale your business and accelerate revenue. Read More …


I work with business owners to refine marketing strategies rooted in their unique value proposition. From content creation to campaign management to channel optimization, I take a comprehensive approach to elevate marketing capabilities and ROI. My marketing coaching focuses on seamlessly integrating efforts across platforms to attract qualified leads, convert customers and build loyalty. Read More …


I help managers become inspiring leaders by developing key strengths like emotional intelligence, strategic thinking, change management, communication skills and team development. Through assessments, training, mentoring and other methods, I equip leaders to drive higher performance through people and culture. My leadership coaching produces more self-aware, empathetic leaders who lead teams confidently.


I develop customized training experiences tailored to each organization’s needs. Workshop topics ranging from leadership development to customer service to DEI help engage employees and build capabilities. I deliver interactive sessions focused on comprehension and application. Post-workshop reinforcement sustains outcomes. My high-quality workshops and training programs advance skills employees utilize immediately.


Cultivating a thoughtful culture gives companies a competitive edge. I work with leaders to assess current culture and define optimal attributes aligned to core values and strategy. We pinpoint gaps and implement changes to policies, programs, communication and leadership behaviors. I provide guidance on reinforcing culture through hiring, onboarding, recognition and engagement.

Exit Strategy

I partner with owners on their journey toward an eventual liquidity event, acquisition or transition. We clarify personal and financial goals, then develop a comprehensive exit plan. I analyze valuation, competitive landscape, tax considerations, buyer profiles, leadership continuity and other facets. My exit strategy coaching provides a clear path to an optimal outcome. Read More …

Get Your Scorecard

Are you interested in learning where you need to focus in order to improve your business? I can help you out there….

Get a complete executive leadership report on you or on one of the executives at your company… in just a few minutes.

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Public Speaking and Podcasts

John is a gifted and award-winning speaker. He offers many speaking packages including keynotes, motivational messages, corporate presentations, breakout sessions and workshops.  Popular topics include Resilience, Mindset, Positive Intelligence, Emotional Intelligence and Sales Success.  He’s also available to be your guest on your podcast.

Love John and his coaching style! He has helped me discover issues, solve them and make my business and my team stronger. Well worth the investment!

Katie Hutchinson, CEO, KHIT Consulting

“John is a fantastic coach. It’s not a canned approach with him. Instead, he learns about you and your business and then speaks from there.”

Bill Reynolds

President, Element502

John is an intuitive and encouraging mentor, coach, and analyst. He takes the time to review the entire picture and speaks honestly about ways to improve or maintain and brings great ideas and resources to the table. He has been an exceptional partner to me!

Michele Aponte

Director, Operations, BluMine Health

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