Inspired Business Concepts, Inc. is an outgrowth of a dream I had over twenty years ago.  I wanted to use my talents to help non-profits and churches use the internet to expand their reach and impact. Over the years I’ve helped dozens of organizations do just that. That original company, Inspired Technology, was founded in 1998.

Over the years much has changed. Most organizations have a website. And those that don’t soon do and often use any number of free or inexpensive tools to build them.  I found my impact shrinking in that capacity.

But during a phase of self-examination, I discovered that I had much more to offer beyond just web design and hosting. I have a great deal of experience in strategic planning, building high performing teams and businesses, turning around poor performing organizations, training on a variety of topics and mentoring.  In 2018 I launched my business coaching and training practice.  This business allows me to leverage my gifts and help business owners achieve the success they long for.  And, in so doing, I have the freedom to help organizations that need it the most.

Inspired Business Concepts was formed to support my initiatives to help businesses, non-profits and ministries attain peak performance.  Whether that is through my business coaching and training business, my web design business, or any other venture I may be a part of. I hope to “leave the world a better place than I found it“.