I love working with entrepreneurs.  Startups are exciting and energizing.  But most startups suffer from the same problem.  A great idea isn’t a business.

If you watch Shark Tank (and if you are reading this page, I’m sure you have), you will have heard them say more than once, “what you have is a hobby, not a business”.  Turning a great idea into a business is much more than building a website and setting up your e-commerce solution.

Most inventors and entrepreneurs want the same thing.  They want to turn their passion into something that will produce real income for them and their families.  But how do you do that?  How do you take a great idea and turn it into a revenue-producing business?

I offer two solutions for start-ups and entrepreneurs.  One is a coaching program designed for those who already have their idea off the ground, and are looking to grow it.  The other is for entrepreneurs at various stages that are looking for a more customized 1-on-1 solution.  Each is described briefly here.

Entrepreneur Growth Program

Designed as a program for entrepreneurs working to initiate or grow their business past the initial stages.  This three-month program takes the best of our coaching and training material and packs it into eight dynamic, entertaining and challenging sessions.  This is a very affordable, viable alternative to those business owners who are not ready for ongoing business coaching.  Find out more and sign up for the eGrowth program here.

The “Startup Coach” Program

The start-up coach program is sold as a block of hours.  These hours are discounted off of my normal rates.  An initial block of 10 hours is required.  I work with the entrepreneur on a scheduled basis over any length of time.  My goal is to provide coaching, guidance and consulting in order to help them bring their dream into reality.

  • Initial meeting to establish goals and roadmap to gaining clarity around your business (part of the 10 hours)
  • Access to relevant FocalPoint coaching & training materials for self-discovery and/or coaching
  • Access to my professional network for a variety of professional and technical services
  • Templates, documents, examples of forms where applicable
  • Additional hours purchased in 5-hour blocks
  • 20% discount for future participation in group coaching program (eGrowth)