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As a business coach with InspireU Business Coaching, I specialize in sales training and coaching for business owners and sales teams. Building an effective sales process is essential for driving sustainable revenue growth. My customized sales training empowers companies to consistently close more deals through well-defined strategies, optimized workflows, and enhanced team capabilities. With decades of experience training sales organizations across various industries, I collaborate with each client to assess their current sales challenges and craft tailored solutions that capitalize on their unique strengths while elevating critical competencies. If you’re looking to maximize the impact of your sales function, my one-on-one and team sales coaching will equip your organization with the skills, mindsets and procedures to convert leads into loyal customers and consistently hit revenue goals.



What is sales training?

Sales training encompasses any program or activity aimed at enhancing the selling skills and product knowledge of sales representatives. From workshops on consultative selling techniques to one-on-one coaching on objection handling to roleplaying exercises, impactful sales training empowers teams with the strategies, mindsets, and capabilities to drive results. Ongoing training is essential for reps to continually refine their abilities and excel amid evolving customer expectations. As a sales coach, I offer customized training tailored to each organization’s strengths, gaps, and goals. 

Why do business owners need a sales training coach?

Partnering with an experienced sales training coach benefits business owners by providing an objective outside perspective on enhancing their sales strategy and equipping teams for excellence. A strong coach assesses sales processes to identify opportunities, facilitates impactful training based on needs, mentors reps, and instills best practices tailored to the organization. With the insights of a coach guiding sales improvements, business owners gain confidence that initiatives are data-driven and optimized for ROI. My sales coaching expertise allows owners to focus on high-level strategy while empowering their teams to flawlessly execute.

What skills are required for sales?

Key skills sales representatives need to master include consultative questioning, active listening, objection handling, presenting effectively, gaining commitment, customer service, and developing product expertise. Advanced skills like negotiating, overcoming stall tactics, and crafting compelling proposals separate top performers. With individualized sales coaching, I help reps at any level refine their abilities around these core competencies to have a greater impact.

What are some problems a business coach can solve in regard to sales?

As a sales coach, I help fix problems like ineffective lead follow-up, lack of sales accountability, inadequate onboarding and training, poor win rate, ineffective compensation plans, and deficient sales technology utilization. I work with owners and teams to pinpoint problem areas, then develop solutions tailored to their specific needs around process, strategy, skills development, and more. My sales coaching expertise provides the outsider perspective and skills enhancement needed to overcome sales obstacles holding the organization back.

John Jennings was truly a pleasure to work with. He is extremely knowledgeable and thoughtful. He really helped me find harmony in my position and understand the dynamics of my organization. Someone taught me a long time ago that you have 2 ears and 1 mouth. You should always listen more than you talk. John exercises this with his evaluations which allows you to learn more about yourself and how to work more effectively with others. 

John P

GM, Windows & Door Company

I highly recommend John Jennings’ coaching services. It can be hard at times with engagement with our employees, but having an outside source echoing our mission and adding new tools to our toolbox is worth every penny spent on Mr. Jennings services. He was professional, funny and made the team feel at ease, in addition to helping me with engagement with my staff.

Bill K

CEO, Hyndman Area Health Clinic

John Jennings has become a valuable member of our team.  He has helped me transform my company by keeping me focused on both the small goals while keeping an eye on the bigger picture. He’s earned my trust and has reignited my passion for being an independent small business.



Owner, Sunrise Services






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