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In today’s fragmented marketplace, it’s harder than ever to capture attention and drive sales through marketing. Many businesses find their current strategies fail to break through the noise and resonate with their audience. Enter the marketing coach. As an experienced marketing expert and certified coach, I specialize in optimizing marketing strategies to help businesses stand out in crowded industries. My comprehensive approach focuses on aligning your tactics and narratives with your authentic brand identity and core customer needs.

Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all view, I tailor my coaching to your specific business model, goals and industry landscape. Through hands-on collaboration and applied learning, I impart the critical skills and mindsets to make your marketing thrive sustainably. We pinpoint your strengths to leverage and gaps that may be hindering performance. Exercises between sessions instill new capabilities rapidly through real-world application and individualized feedback. Together we overhaul the underlying foundations of your marketing—from messaging and automation to social media and funnel optimization—to boost ROI across channels cohesively. My aim is to equip you to eventually market successfully without reliance on agencies or external help.


What is your coaching approach?
My marketing coaching approach is customized based on your specific business model, goals, target audience, and industry landscape. I take the time to understand the nuances of your organization and current marketing capabilities. From there, we have candid conversations to pinpoint your core strengths to leverage and any gaps that may be hindering your marketing performance. I provide carefully designed exercises between coaching sessions to help instill new skills and mindsets rapidly through real-world application and individualized feedback. For instance, you may craft messaging templates to refine your brand positioning or analyze website analytics data to glean insights.

Together we methodically overhaul the underlying foundations of your marketing, from core messaging and brand identity to campaign automation and funnel optimization. The focus is on developing your capabilities holistically across channels to boost ROI in a cohesive way. My aim as your coach is not to do marketing tasks for you, but rather to transfer knowledge through collaboration. I equip you with the expertise to eventually market your business successfully without reliance on outside agencies or specialists. By committing to hands-on learning and applying new skills, you build sustainable marketing wisdom tailored to your unique needs.

What types of businesses do you work with?
My marketing coaching approach serves organizations across a diverse range of industries, business models, and stages of growth. I specialize in helping service-based businesses, technology companies, healthcare practices, and professional services firms get more from their marketing strategies and unlock growth. Whether you are a startup looking to gain traction or an established company with outdated approaches, I can help. If your current marketing strategies consistently underperform in capturing attention and driving sales, let’s connect for an introductory consultation to explore how my coaching could benefit your organization.

What tactics do you focus on?
My digital marketing expertise encompasses the full breadth of today’s essential tactics and channels for growth-oriented businesses. This includes brand messaging and positioning, marketing automation, sales funnel optimization, email marketing, digital advertising, search engine optimization, content creation, social media engagement, campaign management and more. No single marketing channel operates in isolation. That is why I take an integrated approach focused on both strategic thinking and flawless execution across activities. Rather than performing one-off tasks, I advise you on how to combine and sequence tactics into a cohesive, multi-channel strategy engineered for high conversion. A core focus of my coaching is developing your own marketing skills, knowledge and wisdom through applied learning. Together we boost your expertise so you become an empowered, adaptable marketing leader for your organization.

What does the coaching process look like?
The coaching process begins with closely examining your current marketing approaches and establishing clear objectives based on growth goals. From there, we build your knowledge and capabilities through applied learning between sessions. For instance, I may assign you to craft new messaging templates to hone positioning or analyze website analytics data to glean actionable insights. Or you may shadow my social media engagement techniques to improve community building skills. I provide individualized feedback and recommendations based on your completion of these real-world activities. 

Over the course of our engagement, you gain an in-depth, tailored understanding of how to optimize marketing specifically for your offering, audience and business needs. Rather than providing one-size-fits-all advice, our work together takes a nuanced look at how leading marketing principles translate into tangible strategies and tactics for your unique situation. My goal is to transfer knowledge through collaboration so you become a more self-sufficient marketing leader.

What results can I expect from coaching?
The outcomes you can expect from our work together include clearer core messaging and brand positioning that genuinely reflects your value proposition, higher-converting digital and print collateral and assets, bigger ROI from marketing spend and activities, improved customer loyalty and retention over time, and an overall ability to continually attract and delight your ideal clients. With expanded expertise and sharper execution, you will become a more agile, empowered marketing leader ready to respond to opportunities and trends. My coaching builds real marketing wisdom tailored to your needs so you can confidently optimize efforts based on market feedback and data. 


If your current strategies fail to capture attention, resonate with your audience and drive sales effectively, let’s connect. My marketing coaching builds your knowledge, enhances execution, and develops the agility to continually optimize efforts based on market feedback. Say goodbye to the status quo, and hello to marketing that captivates.

John Jennings was truly a pleasure to work with. He is extremely knowledgeable and thoughtful. He really helped me find harmony in my position and understand the dynamics of my organization. Someone taught me a long time ago that you have 2 ears and 1 mouth. You should always listen more than you talk. John exercises this with his evaluations which allows you to learn more about yourself and how to work more effectively with others. 

John P

GM, Windows & Door Company

I highly recommend John Jennings’ coaching services. It can be hard at times with engagement with our employees, but having an outside source echoing our mission and adding new tools to our toolbox is worth every penny spent on Mr. Jennings services. He was professional, funny and made the team feel at ease, in addition to helping me with engagement with my staff.

Bill K

CEO, Hyndman Area Health Clinic

John Jennings has become a valuable member of our team.  He has helped me transform my company by keeping me focused on both the small goals while keeping an eye on the bigger picture. He’s earned my trust and has reignited my passion for being an independent small business.



Owner, Sunrise Services






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