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I am passionate about those who are striving to be more effective leaders. As a leader who often found himself in a supportive role, I often was looking to develop the skills to reach the next level. Where I often found it was through coaches and mentors who had been on that same journey. It reminds me of a great quote from a friend of mine:


“Never ask for advice from someone who hasn’t been where you are going.”  

How This Works

Partnering with my client organizations, I create customized leadership programs to help develop both senior and emerging leaders to become ready for the next level. These programs take several forms, including one-on-one coaching, group coaching and workshops.

Is This for My Team?  Ask yourself:

  • Are my team leaders ready to move to the next level?
  • Can I go on vacation and not worry about the day-to-day?
  • Have I provided my top leaders with professional development?
  • Do we have turnover issues?
  • Are their people skills that my leaders need to improve?


Proven Success

The following is a snapshot of some of the programs I have developed:

  • A program to take high-performing IT professionals to develop the leadership and communication skills required for project management and team leadership.
  • Coaching a group of entry-level managers in a large manufacturing firm in order to position them for greater leadership roles.
  • A hybrid of 1-on-1 and group coaching for an organization that was going through tremendous culture change. As a result of our work, each individual took on greater roles in the organization, including one that became the CEO! The new CEO led a tremendous overhaul of the culture that led to tremendous positive change in the organization.
  • Strategic leadership coaching to an executive team in order to help them think bigger, stay focused, and achieve the organization’s goals in a measured way.


    John Jennings was truly a pleasure to work with. He is extremely knowledgeable and thoughtful. He really helped me find harmony in my position and understand the dynamics of my organization. Someone taught me a long time ago that you have 2 ears and 1 mouth. You should always listen more than you talk. John exercises this with his evaluations which allows you to learn more about yourself and how to work more effectively with others. 

    John P

    GM, Windows & Door Company

    I highly recommend John Jennings’ coaching services. It can be hard at times with engagement with our employees, but having an outside source echoing our mission and adding new tools to our toolbox is worth every penny spent on Mr. Jennings services. He was professional, funny and made the team feel at ease, in addition to helping me with engagement with my staff.

    Bill K

    CEO, Hyndman Area Health Clinic

    John Jennings has become a valuable member of our team.  He has helped me transform my company by keeping me focused on both the small goals while keeping an eye on the bigger picture. He’s earned my trust and has reignited my passion for being an independent small business.



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