Cincinnati, OH – FocalPoint Coaching, Inc. is thrilled to announce that a group of esteemed FocalPoint Business and Executive Coaches, like John Jennings, have been honored with the FocalPoint Master Coach designation. This prestigious honor is reserved for coaches who embody the characteristics of impact, contribution, values, success, and experience, and our Master Coaches have certainly demonstrated excellence in each of these areas.

Who is John Jennings?

John has a passion for helping entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives unlock their full potential and experience the joy and personal fulfillment of leading exceptional teams. He has a proven track record of driving positive change in both large and small organizations. He is seen as a “turn-around guy”, who credits his success to a strategic mindset and a positive attitude.

John has over two decades of IT leadership in Fortune 500 organizations such as LG&E/KU and Yum! Brands. He has also served in leadership roles for organizations of various sizes from a mid-size federal contractor to a small healthcare technology startup. He has founded three companies. Additionally, he has developed and delivered performance and leadership training in a variety of corporate and non-profit settings.

The Master Coach Impact

Our Master Coaches have made a remarkable impact on their clients and communities. Through their coaching expertise and dedication, they have helped individuals and businesses achieve their goals and reach new heights of success. They’ve also made significant contributions to the FocalPoint brand and team, demonstrating a commitment to our values and mission. 

About the Designation

The Master Coach Designation is presented to individuals that have achieved both personal and professional success in their practices. We extend our warmest congratulations to our FocalPoint Master Business and Executive Coach, John Jennings, on this well-deserved honor. We’re proud to have him as part of the FocalPoint family, and we look forward to many more years of success. 

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