Have you heard of this latest craze on the Internet, they call it the “Birdbox Challenge”.  It’s inspired by a series on Netflix where people have to stay blindfolded in order to protect themselves from going crazy or some evil spirit.  (Full disclosure, I haven’t watched it).  But the challengeRead More →

https://youtu.be/MIK0ol0Xc5A I’m really excited to tell you about our new program beginning in February. FocalPoint’s Entrepreneurial Growth Program (eGrowth as we call it). It is slated for small business owners, entrepreneurs, or those not ready to commit to one-on-one coaching. We’ve taken the best of FocalPoint’s training and coaching materialRead More →

Recently I was invited to provide the benedeiction at an Eagle Scout Court of Honor for a young man I’ve known a very long time. I was honored to do so. I love the tradition of the benediction, a blessing given to those in attendance, and in the case ofRead More →