DISC – Yellowstone Style

DISC – Yellowstone Style

In honor of the season 5 launch of Yellowstone this week, I thought it would be fun to look at the DISC behavior profile through the lens of this popular series’ characters. Who is a D, I, S or C?

Listen to be Heard

Effective communications are critical at this time.  That, along with empathy, are identified as the two most important leadership traits needed in a crisis.  When it comes to effective communications, sometimes you have to listen to be heard.  How’s that? Can...

Now is the Time For Strong Leadership

We are in unique and unsettling times. And while the COVID-19 Pandemic creates unique challenges for business owners, we can learn from past challenges.  Now is the time for strong leadership.  Your employees are looking to you for it.  So are your customers and other...

Be a Better Listener – Squint With Your Ears

Listening is an art.  Some are good at it.  A few are great at it.  Most are not.  Almost all wives will say their husbands don’t listen well.  And survey after survey of employees say that their leadership does not listen to them.  Listening is one of the keys...