Are you being ghosted? And I don’t mean by Halloween Trick-or-Treaters.
Being ghosted, the act of someone cutting off all communications without explanation seems all too common these days. And while we can imagine it in dating and social media contexts, we are finding it all the more common in business relationships as well. Especially in the context of sales.
In the past, this wouldn’t have been possible. Until the last decade or so, most of us had “landlines” and physical addresses where we worked. If someone was ignoring you, you could literally go bang on their door. But now we operate in a more virtual world. It’s easy to hide behind cell phones with Caller ID and a virtual office with no published address.

Tips if you are being ghosted

So, what do you do when you get ghosted? How do you react? What is an appropriate next step? Here are a few thoughts:

1. Don’t beat yourself up. This happens to everyone. It is not likely anything you did. So, show some empathy toward yourself and give yourself a break.

This is so hard for us to do. Our inner voices create self-doubt. When we listen to these voices, we end up creating mental blocks like imposter syndrome. Don’t let these voices rule your silent moments.

Seek to find learning in every situation. Even when ghosted, we can gain knowledge and strength in the experience.

2. Show empathy toward them. They could be going through a tough time. Maybe they can’t buy from you because of some financial or personal reason.

I once had a prospect ghost me for over a year! She later came to me and told me she was dealing with a parent who had significant health issues. More importantly, she became a client and is a good friend to this day.

3. Don’t give up. Unless there is a restraining order, there is no reason for you to not continue to reach out to them. Use multiple methods and stagger your outreach times. By mixing it up, you may trigger a response, or at least push the conversation further along.

I once called a prospect first thing in the morning, when he wasn’t expecting it. He answered and it led to finally closing the deal.

4. Use your sources. If the prospect was a referral, use your referral source to see what’s going on. Sometimes it’s just a matter of not being a top priority right now. So if the referral source has a closer relationship, they may be able to find out.

I am surprised at how many people don’t realize that they are ghosting someone. In their mind, they are simply not ready to respond. Even when they allow weeks or months to go by, they do not appreciate the uncertainty it is causing on our side.

5. Keep them warm. Add them to your appropriate list(s). Whatever method you use for keeping in touch with people – mailing list, newsletters, periodic outreach, free advice, trickle feeds – keep them on the program. Let them opt out. Chances are, if they’d like to work with you, they’ll keep looking at what you send.

For example, I have landed several clients simply from generic outreach emails. One Thanksgiving message a couple of years ago netted me two new clients.

6. Remember, this mantra, bad prospects become bad clients! I’ve learned this the hard way. If I must chase someone, cut deals, and essentially beg for their business, then they aren’t a good prospect. AND, more importantly, they won’t be a good client. So as Kenny Rogers said, “you have to know when to walk away and know when to run.”
Bottom line, do not give up, do not give in, and most importantly do not give yourself too much grief. It happens to everyone. What advice do you have to share?

Stop being ghosted

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