FocalPoint Business Coaching has awarded its Campbell Fraser Award for Coaching Excellence to John Jennings, a FocalPoint Business Coach based in Louisville, Kentucky. One of FocalPoint’s marquee awards, the Campbell Fraser Award For Excellence in Business Coaching is awarded to a Business Coach who has received consistently high client feedback scores and testimonials, and who has demonstrated the ability to create significant impact for the businesses they serve. The recipient must demonstrate commitment to FocalPoint’s core values of Leadership, Passion, and Integrity.

“I am humbled to be recognized with this prestigious award by one of the world’s premier coaching organizations”, says Jennings.  “I am so humbled to join the other names etched on this trophy.  These coaches represent the best of what FocalPoint has to offer.  To be mentioned in the same breath is amazing to me.”

The award is named after Campbell Fraser, business and writing partner of worldwide bestselling business author Brian Tracy, founder of FocalPoint. Fraser himself represented patience and excellence in coaching and had a significant impact on FocalPoint through his creation and support of the company’s business coaching materials.  “I did not have the opportunity to meet Cam, as he passed away the year before I joined the FocalPoint team.  But I have had the opportunity to meet his wife, and it was an honor to have her on hand to present this award.”

With over thirty-five years of professional experience, John brings leadership experience ranging from Fortune 500 companies to VC-backed startups.  He has a passion for helping entrepreneurs, business owners and leaders unlock their full potential and experience the joy and personal fulfillment of leading exceptional organizations. He has a proven track record of driving positive change in both large and small organizations. He is seen as a “turn-around guy”, who credits his success to a strategic mindset and a positive attitude.

“I am so blessed to be able to use my gifts to make a positive impact on my clients. The most rewarding part of being a coach is seeing the impact you are having on the businesses, lives, and careers of your clients. We like to say we are the ‘pebble on the pond’, making an impact in the businesses, families, communities, and lives of our owners.”   According to Jennings, “To be able to make a living doing something you love…  now that is truly a blessing.”