Self-awareness is the first component of Emotional Intelligence. To be self-aware is to have a deep understanding of your emotions, strengths, weaknesses, needs, and drivers.

People who have a high degree of self-awareness recognize how their feelings affect themselves, others and their job performance.

The performance of individuals and teams can be greatly enhanced through increasing self-awareness and we achieve this through some of the most powerful behavioral assessment tools available today.

These tools help us to:

  • Understand and enhance communication
  • Be more effective when managing and motivating people
  • Develop high-performance leaders and teams
  • Increase sales effectiveness
  • Reduce risk when selecting candidates

Our assessments are:

BEST IN CLASS: Consistently referred to “best in class” in side-by-side comparisons with competitors in immediate impact and completeness

SAFE: Provide compliance with hiring laws and regulations including EEOC and OFCCP

DEEP: Science-based assessments, in-depth reports that integrate behavior, motivators, EQ, skills and acumen

EFFECTIVE: Highly effective for building teams, hiring or talent training and development that produces result

COMPREHENSIVE: Assessments to truly understand job requirements

Our assessments measure:

  • Behavior
  • Driving Forces (Motivators)
  • Emotional Intelligence (EQ)
  • Soft Skills
  • Sales Skills
  • Stress and Workplace stressors
  • Candidate insights (for interviews)
  • Learning methods
  • Relationships