Do you have dreams?  I hope you do.  Dreams are the beginnings of success.  Every great innovation began with a dream.  Pick a company that has made a big impact on the world:  GE, Apple, Amazon.  They began with a dream someone had.  So do you have dreams?  Sadly, itRead More →

Innovation is critical for growth.  For companies to truly stand out in a crowded market, they must find ways to innovate.  Craig Groeschel, in his leadership podcast (episode 34), shared “the innovation equation”.  It’s a great model for wrapping your head around what it takes to be an innovator. TheRead More →

Have you heard of this latest craze on the Internet, they call it the “Birdbox Challenge”.  It’s inspired by a series on Netflix where people have to stay blindfolded in order to protect themselves from going crazy or some evil spirit.  (Full disclosure, I haven’t watched it).  But the challengeRead More →

As a FocalPoint Business Coach, I often am working with my clients to help them build strategic plans and establish goals for their business or organization.  We use a set of eight foundational questions as part of our strategic planning process.  Question #8 is to identify specific habits that are necessaryRead More →

` It’s that time of year you are probably thinking about setting goals.  We talk about setting SMART goals.  At FocalPoint we use that acronym.  You’ve probably heard that before.  We say your goals should be “S” Smart, “M” Measurable, “A” we say it different, we say “Aligned with yourRead More → I’m really excited to tell you about our new program beginning in February. FocalPoint’s Entrepreneurial Growth Program (eGrowth as we call it). It is slated for small business owners, entrepreneurs, or those not ready to commit to one-on-one coaching. We’ve taken the best of FocalPoint’s training and coaching materialRead More →